Business cards & brochures

Before we hand you the final design of the selected product, we usually prepare 3-4 suggestions for you, so you can decide which design you ideally want. The next step is, we sit down and talk about about the changes or additions.

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Here are our prices for the various graphic materials that we offer. Further down the page you can read more about the various products.

Business cards
Brochure - 6*
Brochure - 6+**
Gift Cards
Discount Cards


*brochures on 6 pages
**brochures of more than 6 pages - if more than one 10 pages, the price will be $70 per page. (eg 13 pages = $939 + $210 = $1.149)

What we offer
It's very important to have a stack of business cards in your pocket, when you meet new people. We often forget peoples names, when we meet them for the first time. It's therefore a good idea to have your business card ready. We offer:

  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Gift Cards
  • Discount cards etc.

Small things can make a big difference
It's very important to have business cards, brochures or flyers ready, when you are at a meeting or a trade fair. You just hand your business card or brochure to the person you just talked to, who then has your information ready on a piece of paper. Contact us now for details.

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