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Danish is a website we built from scratch and at the same time we helped, the people behind, to create a visual identity. Besides creating a website, which was responsive for a computer, tablet and smarthone, we have also made their logo, banner, advertising, business cards, stamps, t-shirt etc.
On the right, you can find some of the graphic design we have completed to Smartbite.

Info about the company is an independent news portal in Danish, which was established in late 2012. has the latest news on the newest and smartest gadgets release. The site became since its launch, very popular and is visited today by hundreds of readers from Denmark.

On the page, visitors can read about:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Apps
  • Other - other news about gadgets, technology etc. has since its release of the page, got many commends for it's beautiful design and it's fast release of the latest news.

Visit the website
Click the link below to view the page directly, and see how the functionality of the site works.

Graphic design
business card

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